New Home Warranty

New Home Warranty

At no additional cost to our homebuyers, Smalley Homes provides its customers with a third party guaranteed warranty.  Bonded Builders Warranty Group guarantees the performance of our customers’ written warranty either directly or indirectly through the builder. 

Founded in 1990, Bonded Builders serves homeowners nationwide through its warranty programs as well as its homeowners’ insurance programs.

Because Bonded Builders is responsible for the performance of the written warranty, Bonded Builders has strict criteria that must be met prior to accepting a builder into its program.  These criteria include the following procedures:

  • Builders are thoroughly screened through the underwriting department
  • Customer references are checked to establish long- term and across-the-board satisfaction
  • Financial stability and business longevity are taken into consideration
  • Finally, builders are rated on customer service and the speed with which they return to complete punch lists and take care of finalizing each job

In the words of Bonded Builders: “The bottom line:  builders who participate in a third-party warranty program care about their customers.  Builders have to prove themselves on their superior quality, timeliness, customer service, and financial stability in order to qualify for a Bonded Builders new-home warranty.”

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